Asakusa – A Visit to Historical Tokyo

Asakusa – A Visit to Historical Tokyo

After a long and rather confusing train ride we managed to make our way into Tokyo yesterday afternoon. When we first arrived I was a little disappointed. I was picturing bright lights and busy streets but we’re staying in Asakusa which is the center of old Edo and offers the experiences of historical Tokyo. However, after a little exploration Asakusa is turning out to be a great stop.

Last night we ate at Maguro Bito, a tiny standing sushi bar. It was easily the best sushi I have ever had and the atmosphere made it even more enjoyable. The sushi chef was a jolly older man that had quite the sense of humor.

Today began with a wonderful breakfast at our hotel. We met a man who is an English teacher in China. One thing led to another and the next thing you know we are talking about our shared faith in Jesus Christ and the need for a prayer-centered life! After breakfast we explored the Senso-ji Temple where we stumbled across some sort of startup weekend. Two different teams stopped us for customer discovery interviews and product demonstrations. I personally thought this was ironic since my husband works with startups in Hawaii. We also saw a street performer with a monkey! From there we walked to Sumida Park, ate at Pepper Lunch (tasty and inexpensive!) and made our way to the Asahi headquarters. (I’m sure you can guess who wanted to go there.) We also stopped by the TOKYO SKYTREE, the world’s tallest free-standing radio tower.

Our evening activities took us into Shinjuku (click HERE for pictures and details) which, according to Luke’s friend, is THE place to go for shopping and entertainment. I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I’d say that was a pretty accurate statement.

And just in case you are reading these blog posts and thinking we are the perfect trip planners, here’s a fun fact for you: we almost ran out of yen and had to go to 7Eleven for lunch on our first day in Asakusa. We figured most places would take credit card and only brought a few hundred dollars in yen. Not the case! Thank goodness for Capital One 360 and their zero fees. We were able to withdraw yen from an ATM at 7Eleven with no problem at all. It’s so much easier to enjoy Japan when you’re not worried about having enough money to eat.

Tomorrow we hop on yet another train and head to Tokyo Disney Sea! So excited! 



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