Why I Am Here

Why I Am Here

My mom sent me the most adorable email yesterday and I just had to share it.

On the way over the river and through the woods (literally) with the grandkids today, we discussed the fact that it is their parent’s anniversary. I explained that a wedding anniversary is a celebration that mom and dad got married and started the family. Nick and Maddie said we should get them a present.

As I always like to encourage generosity and gift-giving, I suggested that we stop at the store and they could choose two things that mom would like and two things that dad would like. What a hoot! For mom they chose tulips and a pink kitchen spoon. For dad they chose fudge cheesecake and whipped cream.

At home we wrapped the gifts and had a great time. I said something to the effect that it’s great mom and dad got married so that Nick and Maddie could be in the world. Nick said, “I know why I’m in this world grandma. Did you know that? I’m not here to play a lot of games or make a lot of friends. I’m here to rescue people and fight fires. That’s all the reason I’m in this world, and I’m fine with that.” He was very serious, and there was a moment of silence before Maddie, not to be outdone said, “I’m just here to have fun.”

As I sat there thinking how adorable my nephew and niece are I realized sometimes it really is the kiddos who get it right. So often as adults we get fixated on making friends (people pleasing) and having fun (temporal pleasures). While there is nothing wrong with enjoying this life, we have to remember that God placed us here at this exact time and this exact place for one reason – to rescue people and bring them into the kingdom. That should be our focus. Sometimes it takes the genuine heart of a four year old to remind us why we are here.



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