Wrinkle Free Wear 

Yesterday was insane. We definitely over booked ourselves. I had a makeup class at Sephora, a first birthday for twins, tickets to Pro Bowl 2016 and bible study with friends. While there are many times you can make the same look work for several events, that isn’t always the case. Each event today called for very different attire so I needed wrinkle free items I could throw in bag and easily change into. And by easily, I mean in the car between events.

An oversized knit sweater with cuffed shorts worked well for the makeup class and could be repurposed for bible study. For the first birthday I opted for a light black and white striped dress with lace accents. I knew I could rely on it staying wrinkle-free despite being shoved (well, folded) into a bag. And of course, I had to break out the Green Bay top for the Pro Bowl. Things were actually so busy I forgot to take pictures of the sweater. Oops!

Despite the hectic schedule (yes, I was stressed out a few times) we had a ton of fun! I’m thankful for the husband God gave me who stays so collected.


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