Bombs Away

Bombs Away

It doesn’t often get cold enough in Hawaii to wear a jacket, but the second I spot rain or wind I start digging into the long-sleeve section of my closet. As far as I am concerned, no matter where you live a bomber jacket is a must have item. (In my case, I have two.) It’s great because you can dress it up with boots or heels and a nicer top or go super casual with jeans, flats and a graphic tee the way I did today. You can even pair it with a funky skirt or shorts. Need some real like examples? Let me know and I’d be happy to put some together.

This particular jacket I got from Nordstrom but you can find them anywhere (link below). The graphic tee was a Christmas gift from adventure aficionado Poseidon’s Beard. I’m pretty obsessed with it so stay tuned for more ways to style this and other out-of-the-ordinary graphic tees.

Get the Look:




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