Out With the {not so} Old

Out With the {not so} Old

One of my least favorite things to do is throw out shoes. Especially my favorites. I have a lot of shoes but there are a few go-to pairs I wear on a more regular basis. Unfortunately they take quite a beating. After all, I do walk around a 2.4 million square foot mall on a regular basis. (For work, of course!)

The other night I was sitting in a meeting wearing my INC black snakeskin, peep-toe stilettos and I noticed the heel felt a little wobbly. Much to my dismay I discovered it wasn’t just wobbly, it was broken! The heel had apparently separated from the shaft of the shoe and only the leather was holding it together. I was so bummed. I wear these all the time! They go with almost any outfit and I can wear them all day at work without wanting to cut off my feet after.

As soon as I got home I showed Luke the damage hoping he would say they were salvageable. “It’s time to let them go honey,” was all the comfort he could offer me. And he was right. I don’t care how well I walk in heels or how much I love the shoes, I am not risking an injury on a broken heel. I slowly walked to the trash can but I couldn’t just discard them. I decided a proper burial was necessary. I guess it’s time for a new pair of black stilettos. Out with the old, in with the new.

On a deeper level, I noticed I have a hard time letting go of things and trusting that the new plan God has for me is even better than what I have now. I want to hang onto the old until I see the new. I’ve found God doesn’t always work that way. In my heart I know His plan for me is good but in my head I am screaming for control. It is all an exercise in faith. And who really wants a pair of broken shoes anyways?

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