Different is Okay

Different is Okay

I take a contemporary dance class on Thursdays. I love to dance. I’m probably the most at rest when I am dancing. (For those of you who know me, that sentence made sense.) Of course, my legs no longer go as high, I cannot turn as many times and my feet certainly aren’t as pointed. Don’t even get me started on what my leaps look like now. What I used to spend 3-4 hours a day doing, I now do 3-4 times a week. While dance is still a huge part of who I am, the way it translates into my life is different. And different is okay.

Tony and I took this picture in 2010. I’m not even sure I could replicate it if I wanted to. (Although if I could, I would try really hard to get my shoulders down and turn out more!) I can look back on this time in my life and know that it shaped me to be who I am today. I can also watch videos and see photos of people I used to dance with and truly be happy. Dance looks different in their lives than it does mine but I am so thankful it was, and is, still a part of me.

There may be things in your life that look different today than they used to. Different is okay. We change, things change. Don’t mourn that. Rather, be thankful for the time you had and what it produced in your life. I’m still a dancer. I’m just a dancer who needs to stretch a lot more.



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