Sony Open in Hawaii

Warning, if you thought you would read something here about the actual game of golf you will be very disappointed.

Yesterday Luke and I attended the Sony Open. We were very blessed to have passes to Halekulani Hotel’s 18th Hole Skybox. Since I don’t have a legitimate golf outfit, I opted for a Kentucky Derby look. My Steve Madden wedge actually broke as we walked in but I was rescued by one of the employees at the logo/gift shop who had superglue. I think they were all quite entertained watching me glue my shoe back together. Today we’ll have a formal burial ceremony. I hate throwing out shoes I love but when the sole starts talking it’s time to go.

Shoe incident aside, we had such a good time and will probably head back on Sunday afternoon to see who wins. I’ve got a theory that the golfers who dress the best play the best. Anyone want to join us? Rumor has it you don’t have to pay after a certain time (3 p.m. I believe).

Get the Look: 


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