It’s Not My Car

After much prayer and debate Luke and I finally decided to go down to one car. Up to this point we’ve had my Mazda 3 and his Tacoma but we use my car the majority of the time. We carpool into work and typically spend the weekends together so, other than a few instances here and there, we don’t have a need for a second car.

A little over a week ago we listed the Tacoma on Craigslist. A few days later on New Year’s Eve we were pulling into our driveway and much to our dismay discovered someone had driven right into the side of Luke’s truck. Happy New Year!

At first we thought this might be a blessing in disguise. Maybe the damage would be significant enough that it would be “totaled” and we would get the cash. It wouldn’t be so bad not having to go through the process of selling it. Unfortunately that was not the case and we now have a rather dented vehicle to deal with. I’ll admit, I was feeling pretty frustrated. But then I remembered that it’s not my car. It’s really not Luke’s either. It’s God’s. All of our stuff is His and in the context of eternity, this doesn’t matter. Also, if He wants us to sell it then it will sell. It’s His car to sell after all. Life is so much simpler when you surrender it to your loving Father!

So if you know anyone who would like to buy a Tacoma in great running condition with a dent in the side, let us know! God has one for sale.

UPDATE: The car sold tonight! Praise the Lord!


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