My Sub 4 Hour Marathon

My Sub 4 Hour Marathon

On Sunday, Dec. 13 I ran the Honolulu Marathon in under 4 hours. It will be by far my best, if not my only, marathon time. The only  problem is I didn’t actually run it.

I signed up to run the marathon last year when they were offering a kamaaina special of $26. I was completely stoked and ready to train. Only come May and my knees were hurting and running a marathon no longer sounded like something that should be on my bucket list. So I decided not to do it. Fast forward seven months and the marathon is one week away. I see people running as I drive in to work and all I can think is how lazy I am. Now I wish I was running it. Never in my life have I said I would do something and not done it.

Meanwhile my friend Amy flew in from England to do the marathon with her sister. It was a last minute surprise trip and she wasn’t registered. I offered her my bib and now the virtual marathon world thinks I can run 26.2 miles in less than four hours. Well if that wasn’t hilarious I don’t know what is. Hats off to Amy and her sister Amanda for kicking some major running toosh! As for me, I’m once again inspired. I’ve decided that I will run something in the future but I’ll start a little smaller. Maybe the half in April, for example.

Happy running!



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