Stamp of Approval

There are a few things that I am particular about and one of them is ensuring stamps face the proper direction when being placed on envelopes. A few nights ago Luke and I sat down to send our annual Christmas cards. This involves a Christmas movie and homemade hot apple cider (in this case from freshly juiced apples). It usually takes the full movie to get through the cards with all the distractions.

When I went to mail the cards the next morning I was quite dismayed to discover about half the stamps were facing the wrong direction. This wouldn’t do! Snoopy just can’t skate upside down. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, there is a very simple solution.

A blow dryer set to the highest temperature will loosen the adhesive and still allow you to use the stamp again. Hold the blow dryer about 1/2″ above the stamp for 10-15 seconds. Slowly peel the stamp up starting at one corner. If you feel resistance, blow dry it for a little longer. Problem solved! Snoopy is now skating right side up and not a single stamp was wasted.

A blow dryer is also a great tool for getting wrinkles out of items when you are too lazy to iron. I do this all the time!



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