InVESTed Interest

I am always trying to be more diverse with fashion, but I get obsessed with trends and can’t pry myself away. That’s how I ended up with six cardigans in different colors that I never wear. Right now I am obsessed with vests. Just a few months ago I was telling someone that I’m not much of a vest person and now I own three.

I found this particular asymmetrical black vest during Nordstrom’s Fall Sale. You may recognize it and the drape neck tunic from my Fall Sale Finds blog post earlier this month. Well I finally got around to wearing it and I am so glad I bought it! I was actually doubting myself for awhile and debating on making a return.

Luke and I had fun shooting this look against one of the colorful walls in Kakaako. He thought I was channeling my inner Katniss Everdeen, minus the braid and arrows, so I had to pay my respect to District 12. (If you’re not a Hunger Games fan than none of that probably made sense.)

Get this look:


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