Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday Shopping

I’m not a Black Friday shopper. I’ve never understood why people will stand in line for hours. And yet they do. There was a woman yesterday who stood in line for more than 12 hours at lululemon athletica and she didn’t even know what the sale was going to be. Apparently they don’t tell you until you get in.

Part of the reason the Black Friday shopping always seemed unappealing to me was the fact that I have to work. Yesterday I was there, camera ready, at 4 a.m. for media interviews. Good thing I’m a morning person! However, after taking a three hour nap Luke and I decided to tackle the unthinkable. We were going to the mall. We had a bunch of gift cards and figured we should take advantage of the sales to get more bang for our buck. I’d say we succeeded since we spent less than $40 of our own money. Gift cards are my new love language.

Tori Richard had a scratch card promotion and the offer we received was 30% off all regular-priced items. We also had a gift certificate we “won” in a silent auction. My husband walked away with two shirts and a pair of socks all for less than the value of the gift card. I was so happy he was able to splurge a little! At Bloomingdale’s I found the Ted Baker London pencil skirt I’ve been eyeing since they opened. It was 30% off. Score! And then there were some unmentionables from Victoria’s Secret.

I’ll be sure to post pictures of us wearing everything we bought in the near future. Well, almost everything!


  1. Ted Baker London “Zarola” Technicolour Pencil Skirt from Bloomingdale’s
  2. Tori Richard “Dolilicious” Long Sleeve Shirt in Navy
  3. Tori Richard “Sea Fan” Long Sleeve Shirt in Lemongrass
  4. Tori Richard Socks (similar)

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