Wannabe Blogger

Wannabe Blogger

I really don’t know how fashion bloggers do it. Most of them post a new outfit almost every day. I mean, where does one find that much time or that many new articles of clothing? Half of the time I have an outfit that I want to blog about but by the time I get dressed it’s time to go to work and taking pictures isn’t on the schedule. Then again, my problem has always been that I want to do it all. I want to be a full-time blogger, successful in my career, wife, event planner, dancer, involved at my church and serve on a non-profit board. Oh, and I want to plan all the baby showers for my bible study friends. And I want to travel. I am sure there is something else I am forgetting.

The truth is I can’t do it all. And that’s okay. There is always time in the day to do everything God wants me to do. My life is insanely busy, I think  most people’s are, but I do love it that way. Maybe I don’t have time to blog every day but I am enjoying the life I lead. And every once in awhile, despite having to swing by work on a saturday and getting stuck there for several hours longer than intended, I do manage to squeeze some picture taking in. So here’s my I-was-rushing-around-all-day-but-at-least-I-look-cute outfit.

Get the look:



8 thoughts on “Wannabe Blogger

  1. You do realise the “it girl” fashion bloggers are almost without exception children of wealthy parents ? It explains a lot. It’s a similar story to journalism, where unless you have access to family funds, getting anywhere is a vertical climb.


  2. you look beautiful! the most successful bloggers you see do it professionally – they didn’t start off doing it full time ❤
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

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  3. I love your blog! I’ve always wanted to be an IT girl blogger but with having kids, not having the financial freedom to shop everyday, and nobody to take pictures of me…well there goes my dream! Hahaha. But I think if you’re consistent with any types of blogging, which I think you are…then you’re on your way there! Mahalo!


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