S for Secure 

Apparently the “S” in UPS stands for secure and not service. Great if you’re mailing important documents and want them secure. Bad if you’re trying to pick something up without your name on it and need a little service.

A barricade graphic that has to be installed ASAP was sent and “held” at UPS rather than being delivered. (I still haven’t figured that part out.) The person whose name was on the package was stuck at the job site so I went to get it. After two phone calls to UPS I was told picking it up wouldn’t be an issue as long as I had something on company letterhead granting me permission or proof that I worked for the receiving company. I could even just show a scanned letter on my phone. I printed the letter just in case.

Of course I got to the UPS office and the gentleman there informed me that although my letter referenced the proper information and the name of the recipient, the receiving company name was different and my letter would not suffice. I must have one from the sender. Did it matter that the package had a receiving address for Ala Moana Center and I produced a business card for said company? Of course not.

The following would also not suffice:

  • Showing the scanned letter on my phone (despite what I was told earlier)
  • Printing the new letter as they had no printer
  • Emailing someone there in the UPS office the letter granting permission
  • A phone call from the sending company granting permission

Did I also mention they couldn’t find the package and their fax machine didn’t seem to be working? Very long story not-so-short, they finally found the package but still hadn’t received the fax. The man behind the counter left the room for a minute and I honestly contemplated jumping over the counter and taking the package which they finally found. Would I be arrested for that? After more than an hour of debates and discussions I was finally given the package with the original letter and a photocopy of my ID. Success! I was then sent on my merry way with a rather long, 47 pound package. An innocent bystander did offer to help which was quite nice of him.

I managed to make it through the whole experience without flipping out on anyone. Although I did get a little snippy with the girl on the phone. (No, you will not put me on hold.) Not super proud of that moment. I guess the moral of the story is use FedEx. And “S” does not stand for service.

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