Fall Fashion in 90 Degrees 

Fall Fashion in 90 Degrees 

The fall fashion season is by far my favorite. Who doesn’t love sweaters and boots? However, when you live in Hawaii and it’s 90 degrees on November 1, it’s easy to just stick with summer style all year long. The good news is there are a ton of ways you can still embrace fall fashion without spending your day in a perpetual state of perspiration. Try pairing a wool skirt with a light linen sweater or shorts with a blazer. If you cater to the fall colors (green, red, brown, orange, yellow and winter white for example) you give the impression of fall without needing to stand in front of the freezer. (Yes, I’ve done that.)

Today I wore a wool, button-front skirt in winter white from Forever 21. I love when you can get great pieces without breaking the bank. I paired it with a forest green linen sweater with three-quarter length sleeves from J.Crew-on-the-Island and added a pair of peep toe stilettos in stone by Vince Camuto.

This is just one example of ways to bring fall fashion to warmer climates. The possibilities are endless!


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