Learning Patience

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience…” (emphasis added) ~ Galatians 5:22

I love everything about crafting except for one thing. I hate waiting in between steps for paint to dry or something to set. I just want to move on and keep working. When I know what the next step is I want to do it yesterday.
I am currently working on a craft project that requires paint on two sides of a wooden block. I waited for what felt like forever and then decided I could balance the still-slightly-wet block in my hand so as not to mess up the completed side and paint the next portion. Yea, that didn’t work so well. I ended up dripping red paint down the edge of the block that was supposed to remain unpainted.

But crafts aren’t the only thing I am impatient with. When I think I know what the next step in life should be I am chomping at the bit to get there. I lack the patience to wait on the Lord. I want to be in control and just get it done. But when I rush, I spill red paint. It really is a work in progress. Every time I think I’ve mastered the art of trusting God there is something new I have to give to Him.

The good news is God is gracious. He is constantly at work in our lives to make us more like Him. If there is an area in which you are struggling I encourage you to take that to Him in prayer. Put your life in the Potter’s hands. He has a beautiful plan that is being executed in His perfect timing.


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