Explorin’ Oregon 

I woke up feeling no bueno (not good) this morning. My allergies were coming at me in full force and I wanted to crawl under a blanket and hide. Fortunately my husband knows best and he encouraged me to get out of the house. Maybe I just needed some fresh air (or for the allergy medicine to kick in) because I feel way better.

We stopped in Troutdale, a quaint little town just east of Portland, for lunch at the Troutdale General Store. It’s not at all what you are probably picturing. This store was everything from a cafe and espresso bar to a one-stop-shop for knickknacks and Holiday must-haves. If I wasn’t traveling with a carry-on I would have left with an empty wallet and full arms. The food was only a seven out of ten but the ambiance was so darn adorable I didn’t care!

From there we set out on our journey to chase waterfalls. My husband, who discovered my love for waterfalls when we visited Mount Rainier on Tuesday, spent last night googling waterfalls for us to explore. Our first stop was at Multnomah Falls, a 620 foot, 2 section beauty. There is a bridge between the two drops and you can also do a moderate hike to the top.

On our way down we made some new friends who recommended we stop at Vista House. The building reminded me of our trip to Italy and the hike to the Basilica of San Luca in Bologna. Once there we enjoyed a breathtaking view of the Columbia River before making our way to Latourell Falls. This 249 foot waterfall drops straight down from a basalt cliff and you can actually hike behind the falls if you so desire. Unfortunately I was not wearing proper shoes. Learned my lesson!


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