Mount Rainier 

Yesterday we got a late start on our adventure. That late start is actually the reason this post starts with “yesterday” and not “today.” I had every intent on posting right away but a lack of reception and winding roads is not a recipe for blogging. At least not for a person prone to motion sickness in the back seat of a car.

Luke, our friend Dan and myself loaded into the car just before lunch with the well plotted plan of heading toward Mount Rainier. Actually, the only specifics we had involved where we were stopping for lunch. We grabbed sandwiches from MSM Deli in Tacoma. It’s one of those hole-in-the-wall gems you only find when you know someone who lives there. Let me tell you, the sandwich was amazing! It’s a must-go if you are ever in Tacoma.

From there we started driving toward the mountain. We found a nice little grassy patch along the edge of White River where we enjoyed our sandwiches. Once at the park, we paid $20 for a 1-7 day pass and drove around the southern side of Mount Rainier. Highlights included a stop at Christine Falls, Paradise Inn, Henry M. Jackson Memorial Visitor Center and Reflection Lakes. I just wish we had more time to hike!

Now if someone could just explain why my husband is standing like a tiki pole in our group picture by the Christine Falls…

5 thoughts on “Mount Rainier 

  1. Mount Rainier always looks lovely from afar; noted the places you went to when I finally manage to find the time & dedication to visit


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