To Washington and Beyond! 

It feels like Luke and I just got back from Colorado and we’re already boarding another plane for the mainland. This time we’re heading to Washington and Oregon to visit some dear friends who used to live in Hawaii and, most importantly, celebrate my sister’s recent nuptials.

We landed in Seattle yesterday and headed straight to Trader Joe’s. I’ve actually never been and I cannot get over how inexpensive everything is! From there we drove to Olalla where our friends live. They moved here about six months ago and have a beautiful home with apple trees! I spent the morning apple picking before heading off to Seattle on a ferry ride.

We barely made it to the ferry. By the time we parked it was already 11:08am which left us two minutes to get to the dock. I’ve never fun so fast in boots in my life.

The afternoon in Seattle was wonderful (minus the abundance of neon green and blue due to the Seahawks’ home game that afternoon). Luke and I had lunch in the park, strolled around Pike Place Market and rode the Seattle Great Wheel. We also stopped by the original Starbucks but the line was way too long! Patience isn’t my greatest virtue.

Pike Place Market is absolutely wonderful! It’s this eclectic collection of shops offering fresh flowers, handmade jewelry, crafts and more. I bought a black stone ring and a lovely bouquet of fall blooms for our hosts. I just couldn’t resist! Note to fellow shoppers, bring cash. Many of the booths don’t accept credit card.

Our day ended with a hot apple cider for me and a doppio espresso for the hubby. Now it’s back to the house for football. Fingers crossed the Seahawks lose!


4 thoughts on “To Washington and Beyond! 

  1. I love Trader Joes! Actually discovered it when I was living in NYC – you can imagine what a STEAL it is there lol. You did a pretty comprehensive view of touring downtown, Pike Market is great to visit on a weekday (my first visit was on a weekend.. hectic to say the least). If you’re going to Portland, remember to check out Voodoo Doughnuts or Blue Star Donuts! If you’re a carnivore I’ve heard Ox Steakhouse there is pretty great.


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