The Good, the Bad and the “I’d Eat it Again”

Luke and I normally try one new dish every few weeks. We used to aim for every week but now that we use Plan to Eat there is already so much variety in our food planning that we don’t feel the urge to source new dishes as often. However, as I was planning our September meals I stumbled across several new recipes that I just had to try. The result? Three new dishes this week! Unfortunately not every new recipe is a keeper and we’ll probably only stick with one of the three.

Feel free to click on the name or picture of each dish for the recipe!

The Good – Coconut Lime Chicken


Luke and I both loved this dish and it will definitely become part of our meal planning repertoire. My only complaint is the marinade stuck to the frying pan while the chicken was cooking and I had to soak it after. I may try lining a pan with aluminum foil and baking the chicken next time.

The Bad – Bang Bang Shrimp


I have a really bad habit of not following recipes as closely as I should so when a dish turns out badly I typically assume it’s because I guestimate when it comes to measuring. Not the case with this dish. It was just bad. So bad in fact that I actually threw it out and ate something else! Oddly enough, I was FaceTiming with a friend later that day and started to tell her about it. Turns out she’s attempted this as well and had a similar reaction!

The “I’d Eat it Again” – Beef & Broccoli 


I’m on a no-red-meat kick right now but the hubby gave this an “I’d eat it again” passing score. That basically means it isn’t going to be a regular but I don’t necessarily need to remove it from the list completely.

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