Fabric Garland

Fabric Garland

Every once in a while I get an urge to be crafty. I didn’t have any specific projects in mind so I decided to make a garland. You never know when there will be a going away party, bridal shower, birthday, baby shower, etc. and a garland will come in handy.

This adorable fabric garland is easy to make and I personally find the repetitious tying almost therapeutic.


  • Fabric scissors.
  • String, twine or yarn. (I used twine.)
  • Fabric. You’ll get about 6-8 feet of garland for every yard of fabric. I bought one yard each of four different colors (four yards total) but you can do it however you like.


  • Cut the fabric into 12″ strips. Each strip should be 1/2-1″ thick.
  • Start 12-18″ from the end of the twine. Tie each piece of fabric in a single knot in whatever order you like. I keep a little bit of space between the knots. This makes your garland longer and helps the fabric hang neatly.
  • Once all the fabric is on, tie a double knot at each end of the twine to keep the fabric from sliding off.

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