Glamour & Grunge

Glamour & Grunge

People often think of marketing as glamorous and, well, it can be. But that glamor comes with equal parts grunge. One day you’re eating pupus from a celebrity chef in a luxury boutique as part of a fashion event and the next day you are dragging stanchions across the mall in four-inch heels or digging through storage. Yes, that was a real life example.

Today I had the pleasure of working with a Japanese television show. We did a tour through the expansion project scheduled to open in November. Glamour, right? Yes, until you factor in the 81 degree weather and 63 percent humidity which results in a “feels like” temperature of 99 degrees. Add in the barricades preventing any breeze whatsoever and the clothing requirement for access into a construction site (long pants, boots, vest, hard hat and eyewear) and now you have a sauna. Glamour and grunge.

But then again, I wouldn’t trade one bit of it for anything.

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