Mosquitos, I Hate You

I jokingly asked a few days ago why God made mosquitos. For those of you who responded, I was quite entertained by the all you had to say. However, I’ve determined that he made them to give me an opportunity to practice joy despite my circumstances.

In case you haven’t figured it out, mosquitos love me. They really, really love me. Like nibble on me until you can literally play connect the dots, love me. Mosquitos, I hate you.

They say mosquitos bite some people more than others because they have sweet blood. Others say it’s because you have noisy blood. (Knowing me, it’s probably the latter.) Tonight I was bit not once, not twice, but eight times during the first 15 minutes of my attempt at working out. I think the two on my rear (yes, my rear!) are what finally pushed me over the edge. And this was all while sitting next to a citronella candle, wearing Avon’s Skin So Soft lotion and using lavender oil to treat each bite. Maybe I should work out in a mosquito net. Maybe I should move into one!

All joking aside, if anyone has any amazing anti-mosquito remedies, other than bathing in OFF, I would love to hear them! Let the advice begin!

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