Plan to Eat

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

Anyone who knows me knows I love to plan. And I love to eat. So when I discovered it was basically a match made in heaven. This amazing meal planning site lets you save recipes that you find online with the click of a mouse (literally, you click “Add to PTE” and it magically appears!), drag meals into a calendar for meal planning and then create a shopping list for your meals. Before I discovered this phenomenal site I was doing the same thing via a calendar in a Word document and a spreadsheet. Let me tell you, not as effective. I also felt as if I made the same 8-10 things all the time. (What, chili again?) Now I have so many menus to choose from. I can even peruse my friend’s recipes and add them to my meal planning. Does it get any better? (Now all I need is some element of competition and a prize option and I’m a really happy girl.)

So what’s the catch, you ask? There is a fee of course. The cost to use the website is $39 a year (roughly $3.25 a month) BUT you can sign up for a free trial AND rumor has it they run promotions when it’s half the price. Check it out. I know you will love it.


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