At the Ballet: A Journey Down the Rabbit Hole 

Last night Luke and I dressed up and headed out for a journey down the rabbit hole to watch Alice (in wonderland) presented by Ballet Hawaii and The Washington Ballet. When I was in Junior High I briefly studied Lewis Carroll, the infamous author of Alice in Wonderland. His questionable writing inspiration (pretty sure he was a drug addict) and lifestyle choices always made the story of little Alice a bit disturbing. However, I’ve still enjoyed most renditions of the classic novel and last night was no different.

The dancers twirled and leapt about the stage in what appeared to be an effortless motion. The beautiful blend of the traditional ballet aesthetic with contemporary movement left the audience eager for more. At times there was so much happening on stage one would almost need to see the ballet again to ensure nothing is missed. Several times I found myself enthralled with watching the corps de ballet only to realize the audience had erupted in applause for some turn or jump executed by one of the principal dancers.

My only complaint was the one dancer who was consistently off in two of the scenes. But who am I to judge? We all know ballet is not my forte!

Alice (in wonderland) is playing today at 7:30 p.m. and tomorrow at 2 p.m. at the Blaisdell Concert Hall. I highly recommend you see it if you have time. Tickets can be purchased at

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