Saturday Romance

Saturday Romance

Luke and I always look forward to the weekends. We tend to pack them full of social activities and outdoor fun. (When your house turns into a sauna during the summer afternoon hours the beach becomes even more appealing than it already is.) This particular Saturday, however, ended up being a day for just the two of us. I had plans to hike with a girl friend before dropping Luke’s car off at the mechanic. Unfortunately her daughter was sick so Luke and I decided to do the hike just the two of us. It wasn’t our first time doing Aiea Loop Trail but we still loved every minute of the 2 hour, 4.4 mile hike. Okay, maybe not the minutes when he was splashing mud on my ankles but almost every minute of it.

Our evening plans were a mystery to me. According to our shared calendar we had a special surprise planned but he refused to tell me what was happening. It turns out the special surprise involved an oceanside bistro table accompanied by light bites and a game of cribbage at sunset. And they say romance dies after marriage! I am very blessed to share my life with this sweet and romantic man.

And for the record, Yes, I won at cribbage. No, he didn’t let me.

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