Aloha means hello and goodbye but I feel like lately I am always using it to say goodbye. Today another dear friend leaves the island with a little piece of my heart. I am thankful to have friends all over the world but sometimes I wish I could kidnap them all and bring them to live with me. Yes, you know who you are.

Talking last night with Amanda I am reminded that God really does bring people into our lives at just the right time. And for that I am very thankful. We danced together in college but lost touch (other than the occasional Facebook comment) after we graduated. Who would have thought she would move to Hawaii and get a house just minutes from me! Over the last year and a half we’ve run errands, done crafts, shopped and most importantly, grown together in Christ. But once again we must go our separate ways.

She may be leaving the island but we are closer now than we ever were. I believe our friendship as it is today will span the oceans. But even knowing that, goodbye is still hard. I miss her already the same way I miss the others that have left and I do pray our paths all cross again. Until then, aloha.

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