A Letter From the FAA

God often reminds me that I am not in control. Despite months of planning for the Fourth of July, detailed timelines outlining activities to the second and many meetings there are still things we cannot control. And this is one of them.

Yesterday we received a letter from the Federal Aviation Administration stating that wind patterns require consumer flights to enter from the Kona direction directly over our firing zone. Should a flight come in tomorrow at the same time our show is about to occur they have the right to (and will) delay it. The delay would be short, but when you have a show timed to the second any delay seems daunting.

I’ve decided there is no point in stressing since there is nothing I can do other than pray for a change in winds. Which I did, of course. The good news is it does appear the winds are in our favor today. Praising the Lord for that and for the reminder that I cannot be in control of everything.


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