The Struggle is Real

As the saying goes, if you want beautiful skin you have to live a shady life. 

Growing up I spent years in the sun without proper sunscreen and now, despite my constant sunscreen applications, I can see the dark spots starting to show. And I’ve become obsessed. I look at my face and stare at the spots. I spend hours researching products and way too much money trying them out. I know in the context of eternity these spots don’t matter. I know that beauty is within and small spots on my face don’t determine who I am. I also know most people probably don’t notice (except for all of you reading this who will now be staring at my face looking for said spots). And yet the struggle is real. I know I shouldn’t care and the fact that I do almost bothers me more than the spots themselves. In a way, these spots have revealed a vain part of my heart I wasn’t willing to admit was there. But it is. And that needs more work than my face. 

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