When the Husband’s Away…

What’s the phrase again? When the cat’s away the mouse will play? I guess you can say that applies to our house as well. I, by far, travel more often for work than my husband does. But every once in a while he has to work late, heads off to another island or, in this case, is in Los Angeles for a few days. And as the saying goes, the mouse will play. 

However, it turns out “play” actually means “act really strange.” When I’m home alone I clean like crazy, forget to eat (seriously, I haven’t eaten a normal meal today) and randomly start dancing around the house like a looney, usually to no music at all. I’ve also discovered that I talk to myself or randomly sing one line from a song for no apparent reason. (Yes, it’s usually from a musical.) I’m not sure if this post is a cry for help or a secret hope that I’m not the only one who acts ridiculous when left alone. Then again, maybe I don’t care. 

Time to go clean, and maybe dance a bit. 

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