What Happens in Vegas

Life has been so busy. I guess saying that is my way of apologizing for not posting and, now, posting something that happened two weeks ago. Nevertheless, it’s just too exciting not to write about it.

I have to start by saying I am not a fan of Las Vegas. It really isn’t surprising seeing I don’t smoke, drink or gamble. But once a year Vegas is home to RECon and the International Council of Shopping Center’s MAXI Awards. The U.S. MAXI Awards recognize innovative events, programs and technology that add value to shopping centers and companies across the United States. This year, I entered Ala Moana Center’s Fukukbukuro. 

IMG_8057[1]The event itself was wonderful. It was hosted by American fashion designer, commentator and former Project Runway contestant Nick Verreos. I wore a black sheath dress from Armani and cement-colored Vince Camuto shoes. Of course the highlight of the night was walking away with my very first gold U.S. MAXI Award.

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I have to disagree. This MAXI is going home with me and I am sharing it with the world!


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