Ironing Without an Iron

I’ll admit it. I hate ironing. It’s the whole process that bothers me. Getting it out, filling it with water, waiting for it to heat up, pulling out the board, the actual ironing itself, putting away the board, and then the waiting for the iron to cool down to put it away. And I never seem to leave enough time for the last step which means I come home from work to an iron sitting on my dresser. (Yes, I am a bit of a neat freak.) I actually got to the point where I would change outfits just so I didn’t have to iron what I actually wanted to wear. Sad, I know.

And then one day my life changed forever. I pulled out a tank top from my drawer and there were more wrinkles on it than my fingers after swimming in the ocean all day. I started to put it back in the drawer when I had an idea. I put on the tank top and went to my bathroom. I proceeded to pull out my hair dryer and blow-dry the wrinkles away. It totally worked! If you hold the top taut and use a high heat setting the wrinkles go away! I’ve since done this with dresses, skirts and other tops. Do I still have to iron? Yes, there are still those finicky pants but overall my iron usage has gone way down and my attitude way up!

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