Buttons & Bow Ties – A Baby Shower

Buttons & Bow Ties – A Baby Shower

I’m at that age when all of my friends (and I say that almost literally) are getting married and having babies. So what does that mean? I’ve thrown countless baby showers over the last few years. Since each party requires a unique theme and decor package, I’ve been forced, albeit quite willingly, into creativity. I’ve done a jungle theme, Baby On Board (surfboard theme), Birds & Elephants, Fondue & Frills, Lemons & Lace, Beach Baby, Tea for Three, etc. Of all the parties I’ve done, my favorite has been Buttons & Bow Ties. I was really fixated on the idea of using buttons but I didn’t want to go with Cute as a Button. One quick search on Pinterest quickly revealed that as an unoriginal idea. Everything came out even better than we imagined and you are all welcome to steal the idea for yourselves!

Since a picture is worth a thousand years I’ve decided to spare you all the play-by-play and post images of some of the decor elements instead. If you have questions feel free to comment! Happy planning.


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