I recently sent my Fossil watch to the repair facility (which takes 6-8 weeks and taught me the art of patience!). Well one thing led to another and I ended up having to send it back to them a second time. The good news is I got a whole new watch out of the deal. When I opened up the package I was shocked at how shiny and clean the band was. The old watch looked just fine to me until I had something to compare it to. But the watch got dirty over time and the change happened so gradually I didn’t notice. And that got me thinking. The compromises we make are so small we don’t realize the distance we may have traveled in a direction we never intended to go. When we look at ourselves and others, we often look shiny and clean until we compare ourselves to Christ. Our sin really stands out in the presence of His perfection. That is who we should be looking to as a barometer. Let’s shine like Christ…and maybe a little like my new Fossil watch.


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