Helping Hands

Helping Hands

We recently started a ministry at church called Helping Hands Meals Ministry. The concept is simple, when someone needs a meal, whether it’s a new mom or a person that just had surgery, we set up a meal train and bring them food. This ministry has actually been on my heart for some time but the thinker and planner in me just didn’t want to get it going. I had so many questions. What if we don’t have enough volunteers? How do we figure out getting dishes back? What if no one needs meals? But the more I prayed the more I knew that this was important. And it turned out other people did too. We are called to love our neighbors and let’s be honest, the best way to the heart really is through the stomach.

We introduced the ministry last week at church and the response was overwhelming. We have so many volunteers! We also have people in need. Today I made my first meal for someone. I’m so excited to see what God does through the willing hearts of everyone involved. There truly is a great reward for stepping out in faith.


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