Spring Crafts

Spring Crafts

Okay, so Spring is halfway over but better late than never! Today I spent a few minutes making a spring wreathe for the door. I’m not nearly as craft as I would like to be but this actually came out quite nice!

Spring Crafts

Supplies from HouseMart Ben Franklin Crafts:

– 12″ Grapevine Wreathe ($5.99)

– 2.5″ Burlap Roll ($6.99)

– Lavender Mini Berry Mix ($2.09 on sale)

– Garden Lily Spray ($5.85)

– Glue Gun

– White Ribbon


1) Wrap the burlap around the wreathe and glue the ends together on the backside of the wreathe.

2) Pull apart the Lavender Mini Berry Mix and the Garden Lily Spray so you have individual pieces.

3) Place within the wreathe as desired.

4) Glue into place with the hot glue gun.

5) Tie a ribbon around the top and hang as desired.


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