I’ve recently discovered that everyone is busy. At least, that’s how it seems. We’re all juggling a million things in the delicate balancing act called life. What differs is what we are busy with: kids, work, sports, working out, husbands, wives, theatre, dance, reading. The list goes on.  And everyone always thinks their busy is more busy than the next person’s busy. If you really look at your life, we all choose to be this busy. Now I will admit that some things are easier to “un-busy” than others. I can choose to cut back on activities. Parents cannot choose to stop caring for their children. Either way, this week I was convicted about how busy I allow myself to be. With the same gusto that I approach my packed schedule I need to approach time with God. He shouldn’t be squished in between working out and rushing to bible study. That’s right, bible study. So often the good things that pack my schedule have a negative affect on my quiet time with the Lord. So I’ve decided to “un-busy” myself. I am setting aside quiet time. Time for prayer, reading and meditation on the greatness of our God. I don’t have to be this busy.

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