Ice Bucket Challenge

I think everyone is aware of the viral Ice Bucket Challenge that is sweeping social media. But if you’re not, it’s basically an option to either donate to a charity or have 5 gallons of ice water poured over you. The challenge was originally started to raise awareness for the rare neurological disorder Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) but I doubt many of the people participating in the challenge know anything about that disease.

I already thought this challenge was ridiculous, but I didn’t really have the words to explain it. And then I saw this.


If you truly don’t have the money to donate or just don’t want to, fine. That is your prerogative. It doesn’t mean you have to actually participate in this ludicrous challenge. I think the most ironic part is the people who aren’t donating are getting all of the notoriety from their videos! Unless of course you are Apple CEO Tim Cook, among others, who actually donated and then still dumped water on themselves. At least something good came out of that.

So what is my point? I challenge you to stop wasting water (especially if you live in California where they are fining you $500 for participating) and, if you can, donate! Post a video of that.


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