Things Which Don’t Go Viral (But Should)

In the past two days I’ve seen two viral posts about a people who may have been wrongfully killed by police officers. I believe investigations are underway. I am not in any way writing this to undervalue the lives lost. But I am asking why. Why is it that we, as consumers, are so quick to spread a negative message? Why aren’t we reposting stories of valor, heroism and bravery? I know those stories are out there but it seems we rarely share them. We sure do share a lot of videos about cute dogs and stalker cats, however. (Did you see the one with the husky in the leaves?) The point is, yes, there are bad stories out there but there are also good ones. Let’s celebrate the victories of those who place their lives on the line for us. What about the he police officer who pulled a woman over for running a red light, saw her choking and, wait for it, saved her life. And it was all caught on his dash cam. Let’s repost that story! Let’s make that go viral.


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