Life Through a New Prescription

I wear glasses, well contacts rather. And I wear them because I really, really have to. I recently went in for an annual exam and, surprise surprise, my vision has changed. Again. My eye doctor wrote me a prescription for new lenses and sent me away with some temporary ones to hold me over before the new ones came in. Off I went, pouting that my vision had changed. However, later that week I put the new perscription in to go to the beach. I literally saw the world in a whole new way. Everything was brighter, richer and more clear! I just kept saying, “I can see!” over and over. My husband was going crazy. “I get it! You can see!” But it’s really not until you can’t see that you appreciate what it is like to be able to see. I was going around functioning with subpar vision when the possibility for perfect vision was just a new prescription away.

And that’s when I started to think. I wonder how many of us are looking at the world through spiritual lenses that leave things just a little blurry. Maybe we need to get in the Word, spend some time in prayer and see the world through Christ-adjusted lenses rather than our own faulty perspective. I bet it would be a whole lot clearer.



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