The Battle of Roach

It was a peaceful Monday night, or so it seemed. I returned home from bible study with about an hour to spare before the hubby would be home from helping a friend move. I put down my purse and washed a few dishes before heading to the bathroom to get ready for bed. It was then I saw him, sneaking through the shadows planning his attack. Of course he choose to invade our home when my husband was out! I called for reinforcements but there was no answer. To war I went with just a Swiffer and a can of Raid. This roach would not be the end of me!

The enemy evaded my attacks and made a run for the closet. (Not my shoes!!!) I took a desperate swing which sent the end of my Swiffer crashing to the floor. My only weapon was now useless! How am I going to clean my house? I thought frantically. Fortunately I was able to repair the weapon and manage to chase the evil cockroach out from under the dresser. I think I may have caught him with a side blow because he seemed a bit wobbly as he made a run for the bathroom. I let loose on him with the Raid and pummeled him to death with my trusty Swiffer. (Don’t worry, I put a cover on it so it wouldn’t get dirty.) Slowly but surely I was victorious. The dead creature now lies on my bathroom floor awaiting the clean up crew.

On these grounds the Battle of Roach was won.


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