Marriott to the Rescue!

After a very busy 4th of July weekend my husband, Luke, and I decided we needed a short getaway. We settled on a quick two-day trip to Maui, booked airfare, scored an awesome deal on and started planning our itinerary. Everything was going great, even the 6 a.m. flight (what was I thinking?!) until we got to the hotel. From the outside it didn’t seem too bad – quaint little cottage-like units with a decent looking pool and beach access. And then we looked at the room. There were ants, spider webs, black spots on the pillows, stains on the mattress, a terrible smell, and although I didn’t see any, I swear there were bed bugs. Looking back, I wish I had taken a picture because words just don’t paint an accurate image. Without being overly dramatic (okay, maybe I was a bit dramatic) I declared that I would be sleeping in the car. That was enough to send my amazing husband marching to the front desk to inform them that his wife would not be sleeping in that room. They offered us an upgrade, which wasn’t much better. At this point, we could only laugh at the situation.

There were ants, spider webs, black spots on the pillows, stains on the mattress, a terrible smell, and although I didn’t see any, I swear there were bed bugs.

Back to the front desk he went to demand a refund while I called the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa to book another room. The hotel refused to give us a back our money since we booked via and said they would get a manager for us to speak with. We waited 47 minutes and finally left for our heaven-of-a-room at the Marriott without speaking to anyone. Come to find out later there wasn’t even a manager on property.

As we drove to the Marriott I called the other hotel’s corporate office. “Hi, I’m going to tell you what just happened and give you a chance to rectify the situation,” I said. Within a few hours both their head of customer relations and interim general manager for the property called me to apologize. They also worked with to confirm a refund. Since they responded in that manner, I am choosing not to name the hotel. However, if you are ever staying on Maui, give me a call first.

The rest of our trip was perfect. I think the folks at Wailea Beach Marriott were pretty entertained by our hotel adventure. We even got a great deal on our room thanks to my Marriott Rewards. We ate at Migrant, Chef Sheldon Simeon’s newest restaurant. We also visited the Ali`i Kula Lavender Farm, played around at Big Beach, relaxed by the pool at our beautiful hotel and did some shopping at The Shops at Wailea and Whalers Village. We ate breakfast at Grandma’s Coffee House and Wailuku Coffee Company. Both were delicious but I highly recommend the latter.

So what did we learn about this? Spend a little more on the hotel. And stay at a Marriott.



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